Suggested Use

After School Program:
Provide lab access for students after the school day. Assign a teacher to monitor the class during that period. Alternating a Math, English, Social Studies, and Science teacher according to the students enrolled would be beneficial. Each assigned teacher can be set up as a site coordinator to view student progress and proctor tests.

Intersession Program: Time off between breaks in school and semesters can be used for students to spend the entire day working on the program. Having a content area teacher available to answer questions would be beneficial. A credit recovery site coordinator should be present to proctor and reset tests.

Summer School Program: Credit recovery students complete the program much the same way as regular summer school. Seat time requirements are waived so students may be able to complete the material before the summer school session ends.

Any method that meets The Georgia Credit Recovery program requirements/guidelines is acceptable for credit recovery. Schools may find that a combination of methods works best for many students. Students needing to take more than one unit of credit recovery may need more supervision.