Pre-Calculus (Retired GSE 2023)

This is the final semester to recover credit for this course.  The last day to register is 1/31/2024.

GA Credit Recovery will no longer offer CR Pre-Calculus as it is now an Advanced Placement Course Offering.

Course Number: 27.3841001  (1/2 Unit A Section)
  27.3841002  (1/2 Unit B Section)
  27.3841000  (1 Unit Course)

Course Content

A Section Includes B Section Includes
  • Introduction to Trigonometry
  • Graphing Trigonometric Functions
  • Inverse Trigonometric Functions
  • Trigonometry of General Triangles
  • Trigonometric Identities
  • Matrices
  • Conics
  • Complex Numbers
  • Vectors
  • Probability


A final exam is provided for all sections of this course.