British Literature

Course Number: 23.3520001  (1/2 Unit A Section)
  23.3520002  (1/2 Unit B Section)
  23.3520000  (1 Unit Course)

Course Content

A Section Includes
B Section Includes
•Writing 101
•Anglo-Saxon Literature
•Middle Ages Literature
•Renaissance Literature
17th Century Literature
•Research 101
•Writing 102
•18th Century Literature
•19th Century Literature
•20th Century Modernism
•20th Century Postmodernism

 A final exam is provided for all sections of this course.

This course requires reading a novel, poems, or short stories that may not be available on the Internet. Schools will need to arrange for access to this material for students, or the resources may be checked out at a library or purchased for use in this course.

All Language Arts courses include al writing unit to be utilized by school districts. This unit provides directions, writing prompts, and scoring rubrics to meet the GPS for the course.