Suggested Use

After School Program:

  • Provide lab access for students.
  • Alternate content-specific teachers to assist students with their individual needs.
  • Assign a site coordinator to monitor student progress on post-tests, final exams, and GA Milestone EOCs (for public school students only).

Intersession Program:

  • Vacation periods between semesters and throughout the school year can be used for students to spend the entire day working on the program.
  • Have content-specific teachers available to answer questions and assist students.

Summer School Program:

  • Credit recovery summer programs function similarly to that of a regular summer school program.
  • Seat time requirements are waived, so students may be able to complete the material before the summer school session ends.


Any method that meets the Georgia Credit Recovery program requirements/guidelines is acceptable for credit recovery.  Schools may find that a combination of methods works best for many students.  Students needing to take more than one unit of credit recovery may need more supervision.